What a birthday present!

    Disk Error

    (Photo: “Ah, that’s not good”… a dramatic recreation of my Monday afternoon escapade) Wow, what a week. Monday was my birthday and I received a birthday present that I didn’t understand until this Friday how great it was. Monday afternoon, Wendy, our computer teacher, walks in looking anxious and says

    Who do you go to for help?

    I had a Japanese assignment to take a survey in Japanese of only Japanese people and present the results. I choose for my questions “Who do you go to for help?” and “Why do you chose that person?” I ask these questions because it is a common experience that everyone

    Magnificent Christmas Songs

    Christmas Music

    This is a loose translation of a speech I wrote for Japanese class and delivered in 2006/12/24 at CrossRoads Chapel (as well as other places). Magnificent Christmas Songs (Subarashii Kurisumasu No Uta) Folks, when you were a child what did you look forward to at Christmas time? Presents? Songs? Special

    The Bridge

    This is from a talk I gave during a CrossRoads event on 2005/10/21. Introduction This summer, CrossRoads Cafe had a weekend in Koichi, Shikoku at Happy Raft Campgrounds. We enjoyed river rafting, beautiful scenery, a great barbeque, and time with friends. On Saturday, we went the Iya Valley and saw