Jesus, The Unexpected Gift


    Thanks for joining our Christmas Celebration. So, what do you like about Christmas? Chicken dinner? Parties? Cake? Presents? Ah, presents! OK, what is the best present you’ve ever received? Either for Christmas or Birthday? In your home, who gets presents on Christmas? Probably children right? In Japan and around the

    Rejoice: A Word Study


    Today we celebrate the third Sunday of Advent season. Advent is a time where we wait in expectation and prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In some Christian traditions, this third Sunday has a special name: Gaudete (Gaw-day-tay) Sunday. Gaudete is Latin for “Rejoice” – to feel or show great joy or happiness. Are you full of great joy and happiness this Sunday?

    So, what makes you happy?…

    Sliding Scale

    Sadly, I created some confusion with my last post. Hope you don’t mind me trying to clarify what I mean when I say, “Christ died for ALL.” OK, I’m about to walk to sensitive ground here. So, please bear with me as we enter “too long; didn’t read” country. Doesn’t

    Which do you choose?

    “When faced with a issue that is opposed to our worldview. do we fight, cave in, or lovingly disagree?” I’ve been thinking on this today. And I will admit that to lovingly disagree is best. But, to be honest, this is hardest of the three options. I have the desire