Which do you choose?

    “When faced with a issue that is opposed to our worldview. do we fight, cave in, or lovingly disagree?”

    I’ve been thinking on this today. And I will admit that to lovingly disagree is best. But, to be honest, this is hardest of the three options. I have the desire to please people and have everyone like me. Also, when attacked or feel offended, I want to protect myself and defend my position. However, I will instead choose to do the more loving thing: To speak the truth in love.

    So, what is this basic truth?

    The only way to become acceptable to God is through faith in Jesus Christ.

    If I haven’t lost you already, please let me continue. Each one of US have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; philosophical stance, political affiliation, skin color, and sexual preference have no bearing on this. Individually, WE can only be justified by God’s grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus’ life-giving sacrifice and resurrection. (Rom 3:22-25)

    I know this will please some and angry others. But it doesn’t change the truth of it.

    Lord bless each of you on this Good Friday.