Keith Goodson’s Ordination: Words of Affirmation and Charge

    Keith & Casey Goodson

    One Sunday afternoon over twenty years ago, I was asked to give a scruffy, junior-high boy named Keith Goodson a ride home from worship service. Honestly, if you’d told me that day that he would one day be called to be a minister of the Gospel, I might not have believed you. However, over the years, I must say that I’m not surprised that we are here today. Through worship services and mission trips; Bible study fellowships and street ministries; road trips and weekend retreats; it has been my great joy to witness Keith grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Happy 2011!

    Happy 2011 to you all. How is your new year so far? Although I enjoy the idea of beginning afresh this new year, I must admit that there is one new year’s tradition that I’m not very fond of: Resolutions (I mean, does anyone really even keep them passed January?).