Tohoku Earthquake: Day 5

    Love On Japan

    Soon after the earthquake struck, I was very encouraged with the stream of emails and phone calls asking about my personal safety. My first reply has been that we are safe and in no danger.

    However recently, I’ve been asked a different question. “How are you coping with the stream of tragedy in the news?” At first, I wasn’t really sure how to respond.

    Since then, I’ve begun to notice a eerie, familar feeling here in this refuge of Kyotanabe. In Louisiana, the days following 9/11 were very like any other day for us. However, as we went through our daily routinue there was a new menacing awareness that affected all that we did. Now, I’m finding that I’m in similar days. Every building and street here are just as they should be. The air is still clean; the food and water taste the same. Familar faces and sounds of children playing surround me… But the world is noticably different.

    However, I want to counterpoint this with an encouraging three minute compilation of Jonathan Wilson of Crash Japan as they began their initial briefing on the volunteer effort for the Tohoku region. I pray you will be as blessed as I was.

    Let’s “Love on Japan!”