JCPI – Lay Mobilization for Kingdom Impact Course – Part 1

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    Instructor: Dr. Craig OttTrinity Evangelical Divinity School, Associate Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies (Rough Notes) Objectives Affective Behavioral – Character Formation (seems to be Jesus’ focus with His disciples) Cognitive – Understanding truth (Western churches’ apparent focus) Instrumental – Skills What did Jesus training program look like? “Volunteerism” is

    JCPI – Churchwide Witnessing Course

    2007 JCPI Logo

    Instructor: Dan Iverson (Mission to the World – Tokyo, Team Leader)2007/11/07 (Rough Notes) Current Church to population ratio in Japan… 1:16,200 people (about 1:400 in USA) First starting? Become a “Contact Making Machine”Church growth study – 75%-90% from Family/friend contacts Have contacts? Become a “Bible Study Machine” Vital Signs for