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    Dan Iverson

    Instructor: Dan Iverson
    (Mission to the World – Tokyo, Team Leader)
    2007/11/07 (Rough Notes)

    Current Church to population ratio in Japan… 1:16,200 people (about 1:400 in USA)

    First starting? Become a “Contact Making Machine”
    Church growth study – 75%-90% from Family/friend contacts

    Have contacts? Become a “Bible Study Machine”

    Vital Signs for Churches

    • Fervent Kingdom Prayer
    • Christ-Centered Worship & Preaching
    • In-Depth Biblical Learning & Discipleship
    • Fellowship: Intimate Relationships
    • Witnessing: Word & Deed Evangelism
    • Leadership: Empowering Leaders

    There is a study now to show that the relational aspects that happen 20 minutes before the service have a correlation to the worship service… Relationship!

    Case Studies

    Scott Parrish (Asian Access)
    “Professional Evangelism” (by missionaries and pastors only) is not cutting it; a biblical growth pattern requires personal evanglism. Current Growth rate is 0.44% Professional Evangelism only growth is linear. So, in 100 years, the growth rate would be 1.38% (about 1.2 baptisms/year per professional) Personal Evangelism is relatively exponential. So, in 100 years, even with each person only sharing the Gospel with three friends a year and with a meager 1/25 response rate… it is projected that the growth rate would be 100% (Professional Evangelism only growth would have to increase to 126 baptisms/year per professional to match it; impossible).

    Linda Karner (MTW Tokyo Church, Missionary/English Teacher)
    English classes will get people to your door. But culturally, it is like an English class is the basement and a Christian worship service is in the attic. With not steps in between, there is no way for your visitors to reach it and they will be turned off. Have Events, Concerts, “Outings with the Teacher” to help your visitors form relationship with the teacher outside of class and with others in the church.

    Paul Nether (Jesus Lifehouse, Missionary)
    Seen great growth in the past few years by targeting young adults. Created “Life Groups” (cell groups) for growth and encouragement for young Christians and allows for relational evangelism when visitors join. Key: Love and respect of the youth; they can smell it if you don’t.

    Suggested Books

    • Church Planting Manual – Tim Keller (
    • Master Planning for Evangelism – Robert Colema

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