“The Hope” video

    (Photo: The HOPE: The Story of God’s Promise to All People) “The HOPE is an 80 minute dramatic presentation of God’s epic story of redemption as revealed in the Bible.” (From their website) Maybe you or others that you might know have always wanted to know what the Bible was

    Who do you go to for help?

    I had a Japanese assignment to take a survey in Japanese of only Japanese people and present the results. I choose for my questions “Who do you go to for help?” and “Why do you chose that person?” I ask these questions because it is a common experience that everyone

    Quotes for Valentine’s Day

    (Photo: Nothin’ says “Cheap Dimestore Valetines” like NECCO Sweethearts Conversation Hearts) This is the day that the many around the world celebrate the most capricious of all brain chemistry, that fickle, fanciful feeling of “falling in love.” Here are some wonderful quotes that might give a clue of what to

    Magnificent Christmas Songs

    Christmas Music

    This is a loose translation of a speech I wrote for Japanese class and delivered in 2006/12/24 at CrossRoads Chapel (as well as other places). Magnificent Christmas Songs (Subarashii Kurisumasu No Uta) Folks, when you were a child what did you look forward to at Christmas time? Presents? Songs? Special

    The Bridge

    This is from a talk I gave during a CrossRoads event on 2005/10/21. Introduction This summer, CrossRoads Cafe had a weekend in Koichi, Shikoku at Happy Raft Campgrounds. We enjoyed river rafting, beautiful scenery, a great barbeque, and time with friends. On Saturday, we went the Iya Valley and saw