Urgent: Earthquake in Northeastern Japan

    Tohoku Earthquake Map

    Today at 14:46 in Japan, a 7.9 8.8+ 9.0 Magnatude earthquake struck just of the coast of Honshu in the northeastern coast of Japan. To give you an idea the magnitude of this earthquake: in Kyotanabe, we are over 730km (450 miles) awake from the epicenter. However, we felt the quake and caused hanging lights to sway and people a feeling of motion-sickness.

    Currently, there are a number of severe tsunami warnings of up to 10m (33 feet) all along the Pacific coast near the epicenter. The major tsunami warnings from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa.

    If you are in these areas, please get to higher ground as soon as possible!

    For the family of God around the world, please pray for God’s protection for these dear people.

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    Tsunami Warning Update (2011/03/12 15:51 JST)

    Tsunami Warning

    Japan Earthquake Emergency Information

    Earthquake emergency contact information for the international community – please pass on.

    If you need help, contact at 0570-000-911 or 090-7170-4769 or team@jhelp.com or www.jhelp.com.