Happy Valentine’s Day

    In the US, Valentine’s Day is estimated to have generated about $15.7 Billion this year.  It’s also estimated that over one billion Valentines cards and letters were delivered by the U.S. Post Office. And in Japan, they say that 20% of all annual chocolate sales are generated for Valentine’s Day alone.

    You know, for a day dedicated to “love” … there sure seems to be a lot of commerce involved!

    So, If you find yourself cowering in a closet after a day of dodging flying, naked babies touting lethal archery gear; or pausing while you dig out the insulin after reading one to too many saccharine sweet prose from heart-strewn greeting cards; or possibly waiting on hold for your dentist after putting your molars to the test on a full bag of heart-shaped pastel confection embossed with the phrase “Be Mine” click here to read a message I gave at a church fellowship on Valentines Day