Living in Kyoto, Japan

Amazing Opportunity

In January 2002, God granted me an amazing opportunity. I traveled to Japan after accepting an offer to be a three month volunteer at a small international bilingual missionary school in Kyotanabe City in Kyoto, Japan. While I was there I committed myself to stay for at least one year… It’s been quite a bit longer than that now.

At first, I taught a variety of different classes to from English, Arithmetic, and Health to Computer and Art classes. However because of the needs of the school, my job inevitability to spending more time in the office helping with computers; since that is my field of expertise. 

That covers the work but what about the rest of my time? When I can, I try to continue in my study of the Japanese language. Also, I’m involved with a pioneering a small church plant in the area. Of course, it is my goal I continue to connect with the Japanese people around me. And in 2013, I took on a wonderful new project, learning how to be a blessing to my wife, Mitsuyo. 

It has been an amazing adventure that God has brought me on. And we am looking forward to see what He will do in the future. Knowing that all things come from Him, we are strongly aware of His blessing through each of you. Thank you all for your love, prayers, encouragement and support.

With much love through Jesus Christ,
Trey & Mitsuyo Rowzie

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