Posted on: Thu, 02/01/2007 - 02:40 By: Trey Rowzie

It seems that my grandfather on my mom's side, Sinclair Goodman, had been extremely sick for the past few months and suffered a series of heart attacks this week. While I was in Japanese class today, I receive a call from my sister who just learned that he passed away.

From what I heard, the funeral is scheduled to be held in Baton Rouge this Tuesday (Feb 6th). Mom seems to think it best that I stay here. Although I want to be there to support my mom and family, I have a peace about staying here instead.

To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ: I would ask for your prayers for my mom and her family (especially my grandfather's second wife) that God would use this sorrow to draw us nearer to Himself and God Himself would comfort us. (2 Cor 1)

Thank you, Trey