Posted on: Sat, 01/26/2008 - 07:44 By: Trey Rowzie
Celebrating Marie's birthday at Louisiana Mama

(Photo: Celebrating Marie's birthday at Louisiana Mama)

Our dear music teacher and neighbor, Marie, was celebrating her birthday and was kind enough to invite a group of us to join her at a nice restaurant nearby called Louisiana Mama. 

It was great, relaxing time with friends. The food and service was great and the atmosphere very pleasant. The only mystery was the name of the place. 

With a name like "Louisiana Mama" I was first expecting Cajun food. But instead, it was Japanese-style Italian... not a crayfish to be found in the place! So what's with the name? Well, it seems that in 1961 a guy named Gene Pitney produced a single called "Louisiana Mama" which never made the top ten in the States but was real popular here in Japan. Go figure.

... And I was so looking forward to some etouffee.

(If you're curious about the song, check out these link: