Posted on: Sat, 04/05/2008 - 06:17 By: Trey Rowzie
2008 KIU Graduation

(Photo: 2008 KIU graduates and the faculty)

With Easter just out of the way, I had a very eventful few weeks. During one the most busiest weeks at work while compiling the students grade for the entire school and preparing to create next year's schedule, it is amazing what has happened. Several computer lock-ups (including mine), the server problems during the week; my last roommate moving out before the movers come to pick up his stuff; a visitor from Hong Kong. And on the weekends ... graduation, a goodbye party for a dear friend, and a friend's wedding! (Man, I'm tired)

Kazuma Wedding   (Photo: My dear friend Kazuma and his bride)

What I walked away with was that there is a battle going on for our time. There were so many things hitting me all at once that I truly got distracted from what was most important... it's not just that we get things done but HOW we do them. I must admit that these weeks have shown me how much I still have to grow in this area. Also, I have learned once again how important it is to focus on Christ; especially when things are so busy. 

Thanks to all who supported and prayed for me during this time.