Posted on: Wed, 06/04/2008 - 07:06 By: Trey Rowzie

Word from the CRASH Blog is that Jonathon, Sherwood and Ted made it to Chengdu and have begun helping in the relief effort. Feel free to read the full update on the CRASH website ( There were some prayer requests that I would like to pass on:

Please remember to lift up:

  • individuals who were counseled
  • counselors and translators who are hearing stories of severe trauma
  • staff and volunteers who have been working since the earthquake
  • the truck on its way to Sichuan with relief supplies
  • that we could continue the work with the camps that the two young men began
  • peace and rest and wisdom for each of our team for tomorrow  

On the topic of disaster relief work... most of us just can't regularly be "on the ground" assisting hands-on in these types of relief works. And honestly, money can be pretty tight these days. So, I was really excited to learn of a innovative way to donate a commodity that I didn't realize was even donatable... Frequent Flyer Miles. 

It seems that most airlines these days have some type of donation system in place (of course, the charities they support vary). For example, I found that my NorthWest WorldPerks miles can be donated to  American Red Cross (,  Habitat for Humanity (, or Médecins Sans Frontières AKA "Doctors Without Borders" ( ... just to name only a few. And in a effort to help the China's Sichuan Earthquake and Myanmar's Cyclone Nargis disaster relief, NorthWest is even running a campaign to match any mileage contribution made to Doctors Without Borders this month. (

So, if you want to help these desperate people in anyway you can or if you just want to use those frequent flyer miles somehow before they expire, please consider it.