Posted on: Fri, 10/15/2010 - 04:12 By: Trey Rowzie
2010-10 Kansai Franklin Graham Festival Banner

As we prepare for the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival on October 22-24, it seems a good time to ask for your prayers and to tell you a bit about the work I'll be joining.

The central prayer request is that God is glorified, His Son is lifted up, and that He draws many people to Himself. This included the work being done now as Christians reach out to the friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors inviting them to the Festival next week. Of course, pray that the preaching and other events would be God honoring and that it would connect with the people there and that neither culture, nationality, nor language would be a barrier for those attending. Please pray that as many hear the Good News that they have come with ready hearts of good soil and that the seed of God's Word would be firmly planted and sprout into true belief in Christ. No doubt, there will be spiritual opposition. Pray for God's protection against people who might attend to with the sole intention to destroy or prey on others like "wolves" and for all the "little foxes" that can spoil the vineyard (like equipment or facility problems) and even software "bugs" and glitches.

I also have a prayer request from the support working being done. I've been told there are some major scheduling restrictions with the venue, Osaka Jo Hall. For example, we only have one day to move in everything and setup stage, A/V system, and "co-labor" office space. Although the festival has sole use of the hall from Thursday to Sunday night, for various reasons we will not be allowed in the building after 11PM to 8AM. So, there is a real concern that we will be able to setup for the event; process the information during the event; and then have everything broken down before 11PM Sunday. Of course, the plan is to use volunteers for much of the work… So, we’re unsure how many people will actually be there to help from day to day. So, if you are in the area and want to help please join us! If you can't be there, please pray that God will provide laborers for His fields.

As for what I plan to do, I originally intended to be one of the many “counselors” who minister at the venue that help God’s newborn take their first few baby-steps of faith. However, there is a great administrative, clerical need in processing all the information of this “babies” and making sure that they’re connected to local churches for follow-up and discipleship. So, I’ve been ask to lead up one of the many volunteer departments in this area. We’ll be doing the actual data entry from the information cards to create reports informing local pastors about follow-up needs.

So, in summary… My prayer request is for:

  • A Great Harvest
    (Many would come with expecting hearts, hear the Good News, turn to the living God, and be saved)
  • Laborers for the Harvest Field
    (Many hard-working volunteers before, during, and after the events; at the venue and behind the scenes)
  • Working as One Body
    (Wise leadership, clear communication, strong unity)
  • Protection from the “Wolves”, “Foxes”, and “Bugs”
    (Personal security issues, equipment/facility problems, software bugs, etc.)
  • God's Glory
    (For all that we do and the way we do it to exhalt our Heavenly Father)

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