Posted on: Wed, 10/24/2007 - 03:41 By: Trey Rowzie
Flat Stanley as he helps during a rice harvest field trip

(Photo: Flat Stanley as he helps during a rice harvest field trip)

You might have heard Jeff Brown’s children’s book series called “Flat Stanley." Personally, I have fond memories of the story capturing my imagination after reading it as a boy. The series is based on the 1964 original story about a five year old boy, Stanley Lambchop, who survives being accidentally flattened by a falling bulletin board. He makes the best of his compressed state, and finds he can have amazing adventures because of the advantages of his new flatness.

One of his advantages is that he can visit anywhere by simply being mailed in an envelope… However, I’m not sure how the Postal Service would feel about clandestinely shipping human cargo; but anyway... In 1995 Dale Hubert, a third-grade schoolteacher from Ontario, Canada, created the Flat Stanley Project as a means to facilitate letter-writing by schoolchildren. The concept was that a class would mail a paper cutout of Flat Stanley to a different school and those students would mail Stanley back with letters about his new adventures there.

So, it is with great pleasure to announce that Flat Stanley visited us from Mrs. Barnes’ kindergarten class in Charlotte, NC this month. The hard part, the letter-writing, was done by Aya Midorikawa’s English Language Arts 2 class. And I got the fun part of “dressing” little Stanley in a children’s kimono and taking photos of him “visiting” the school and the surrounding areas. Thanks to Aya and her English class and the many others who helped in this little venture.

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