JCPI - Lay Mobilization for Kingdom Impact Course - Part 2

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2007-11-17_Craig_OttInstructor: Dr. Craig Ott
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Associate Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies
2007/11/08 (Rough Notes)


Coaching for Performance - John Whitmore

  • Goals - Vision, Prayer Goals, etc.
  • Reality - Challenges, Obstacles
  • Options - What can be done to close the gap between Goals & Reality. (Coach would provide resources to help)
  • Will - Who, what, when, where? Action Points

Coaching is more like providing a resource than the directness of teaching. However, maybe more teaching is needed in some places.

Establishing the responsibility of the relationship. Accountability to the tasks. If the person is not following through on the action points then there is a time to address whether the goals are not realistic or the person wasn't being faithful to complete the task.

Developing, empowering, then releasing into ministry. (Being too controlling kills this)
Coaching is built on a relationship. Lack of interest or lack of acceptance (or the appearance of that) will hinder the effectiveness of the process.2007-12-12_Mentor_Chart


Closer relationship created to help another person to grow spiritually

  • Relationship - Imperative. You have to be genuinely concerned that the person grows, successes, and becomes what God wants them to be.
  • Challenge - "No pain; no gain" Increasing their faith in God but not overwhelming them. Most want more of God and to be used by God but feel inadequate and fear they would fail.
  • Support - Side by Side. Challenge without support kills growth

JCPI - Lay Mobilization for Kingdom Impact Course - Part 1

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Instructor: Dr. Craig Ott
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Associate Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies
2007/11/08 (Rough Notes)


  • Affective Behavioral - Character Formation (seems to be Jesus' focus with His disciples)
  • Cognitive - Understanding truth (Western churches' apparent focus)
  • Instrumental - Skills

What did Jesus training program look like?

  • "Volunteerism" is not in the picture. People should be selected through prayer. Jesus prayed and challenged others to join him. [and rejected some who wanted to; former Demoniac]
  • Not in a classroom but in the field. Rooted in prayer. Challenging their faith.
  • First year, Jesus modeled ministry. Then taught them. Then sent them out for field experience. Later he held a debriefing. One debriefing He said "...but rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven." (Luke 10:20) Don't focus on success or failure, but on your relationship with God.
  • Apprenticeship- Even formally trained Paul, choose Jesus' model of apprenticeship. Lay ministry seems to need more of this.

Means of Equiping

  • Modeling - Basic Skills. Little Theory. "Monkey see; Monkey do" Short term process. ex. house visitation, etc.
  • Coaching - Think sports. Learner is more interactive. Skill more complex. Coach needs to invest more time. If you have time restriction, be creative; met for lunch. ex. Cell Group Leader
  • Mentoring - Less skills and more character development. Intense & intimate. Takes time and only a few people at a time possible (1-on-1 or 1-on-2~3). For leaders or potential leaders.

Modeling and Coaching are special skills focused. But, mentoring is special persons focused. Mentoring is time-intensive but it allows for multiplication. Caution: if the church is not informed on what you are doing, it will look like favoritism to them. But Jesus had a similar pattern; 3 close disciples, then the twelve, the 72, and finally the multitude... He was not equal with His time with each person.


JCPI - Churchwide Witnessing Course

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 Dan & Carol Iverson

Instructor: Dan Iverson (Mission to the World - Tokyo, Team Leader)
2007/11/07 (Rough Notes)

Current Church to population ratio in Japan... 1:16,200 people (about 1:400 in USA)

First starting? Become a "Contact Making Machine"
Church growth study - 75%-90% from Family/friend contacts

Have contacts? Become a "Bible Study Machine"

Vital Signs for Churches

JCPI - Faithfully Waiting for God's Glorious Intervention in History

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Gary Fujino

Speaker: Gary Fujino (International Mission Board, JCPI Vice-Chairman)
2007/11/06 - Evening Meeting (Rough Notes)

Habakkuk 1:2-3 - Habakkuk begins to complain to God about the evil in the land.

Hab 1:5-7 - God's response is to send the ruthless Babylonians to attack the nation.

Hab 1:13-14 - Habakkuk complains that the Babylonians are more evil than the nation.

Hab 2:2-4 - God's answer is the command to... Record the vision. Wait. Live by Faith.

"Except the unexpected and in the unexpected, expect Christ"

At the 2007 JCPI Conference

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This week, I have the privilege to spend a week at Fuji-Hakone for the 2007 JCPI Conference. It has been a real blessing so far. Of course, one of those blessings is internet access. 

I very excited that one of the ICM pastors joined me for the first few days. There is a lot already to share but I plan to wait until it's over to give more details.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for this time of renewing... I can seriously feel the affect of your prayers.

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Flat Stanley visited KIU Academy

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Flat Stanley as he helps during a rice harvest field trip

(Photo: Flat Stanley as he helps during a rice harvest field trip)

You might have heard Jeff Brown’s children’s book series called “Flat Stanley." Personally, I have fond memories of the story capturing my imagination after reading it as a boy. The series is based on the 1964 original story about a five year old boy, Stanley Lambchop, who survives being accidentally flattened by a falling bulletin board. He makes the best of his compressed state, and finds he can have amazing adventures because of the advantages of his new flatness.

Not Your Typical "Marshmallow Message"

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Today, I went to a luncheon for the missionaries working in the church. After a delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings, we were to play a team-building game called “Marshmallow Majiwari (fellowship).” We were split randomly into teams and each team was given a handful of raw spaghetti pasta and a bowlful of marshmallows. The goal was to build the tallest structure we could in a limited time frame. OK, this sounded like fun and something that I and the folks in my team could excel at.

Kashiwazaki Report

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Earthquake damage

(Photo: Earthquake damage. The window was from the second floor... the first floor collapsed)

Even with photos, it is hard to actually show the damage that was done by the earthquake in Kashiwazaki. Some houses looked perfectly fine to the untrained ear but marked are now marked as unsafe to enter. Other buildings were so demolished that it is had to imagine what they looked like as you stare at the rubble.

Congratulations, Tsuyoshi & Sayaka!

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Tsuyoshi and Sayaka

(Photo: Myself with the new couple Tsuyoshi & Sayaka) Tsuyoshi and Sayaka, two wonderful Christian friends, were married today. The wedding and reception was all done in a really interesting restaurant in Nara (since Tsuyoshi is an architect, I was not surprised that they would pick such a great location).

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